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2013/12/07   Winter storm Xaver causes chaos across Northern Europe

Eight countries in Northern Europe were affected by the Atlantic storm 'Xaver', considered to be the worst storm in 50 years. Wind gusts in excess of 225km/hr were recorded in the UK, and over 150km/hr in Germany, causing damage to properties, overturning vehicles and closing major bridges such as the Severn Crossings in Wales and the Oresund Bridge linking southern Sweden with Denmark.

2013/12/05   Acoustic whistling generated from One World Trade Center

The recently completed 541m tower in New York, crowned the tallest building in USA, has been giving headaches to surrounding residents of the emblematic building. During strong winds, the upper façade elements of the tower are generating an audible humming noise, with the tone varying with wind intensity. This effect is produced when the wind passes through the metal bars of the upper façade, which begin to vibrate and generate sound similar to an aeolian harp. The following link provides a homemade youtube recording.

2013/11/08   Typhoon Haiyan devastates the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan, which tracked through South-East Asia, is the strongest recorded storm to make landfall. The category 5 typhoon, measured 1-minute sustained winds of 315km/hr and gusts of 378km/hr, according to the Italian ANSA agency. The city of Tacloban, located on Leyte Island, was the worst effected area. The city, including the port and airport were completly destroyed. The typhoon is considered the worst natural distaster in the Philippines.

2013/11/06   Gisela Pulida continues her romance with the wind

UOne year after her incredible run of 8 consecutive world titles came to an end, the Tarifa resident has won her ninth kitesurf world title, thanks to winning 6 of the 7 world circuit events. This coming at an age of 19 years. It seems like the young champion invented the sport. Congratulations from Oritia & Boreas.

2013/10/02   Strong winds damage housing in Victoria, Australia

Strong winds of up to 140km/hr caused damage to numerous houses across the state of Victoria, Australia. The SES (State Emergency Service) recieved over 1000 distress calls. According to the national meteorological office representative, Tony Bannister, the storm was the worst to hit the region in the last 5 years.

2013/09/29   Destructive tornado in Brazil

A tornado in the city of Taquarituba, some 320km from Sao Paulo, caused two deaths, injured 64 and destroyed over 100 homes. According to reports, one of the deaths was caused by the roof collapse of a public gymnasium. Historical data shows the region of Sao Paolo experiences the most tornados in Brazil, most common during the second semester of the year. 

2013/09/10   Record for lowest tornado activity in the USA over 12 consecutive months

A new record was established this year for the lowest tornado activity over a 12 month period. The U.S. national weather service, NOAA, released an analysis of data between May 2012 and May 2013. According to their data, a total of 197 of category EF1 or above (winds greater than 138km/hr) were reported in this period, compared to the previous record of 247 registered in 1991-1992. Although, it should be noted for the same period, Oklahoma experienced the largest EF5 tornado ever recorded, with an estimated width of 4.2km.

2013/09/02   Strong tornado in Japan

The recovery and repair efforts continue in Saitama and Chiba prefectures, after a tornado destroyed or affected 540 homes. 67 people were injured, one of them seriously. The meteorological agency continues with the investigation of whether a supercell was the cause of the tornado. The supercells are less frequent storms, but capable of producing severe winds and tornadoes. Earlier on Monday, the weather agency warned about the possibility of strong gusts and tornadoes. At 14:11 the same Monday, a tornado warning was issued in the prefectures of Saitama and Chiba, just before strong gusts enveloped the city of Koshigaya.

2013/08/13   Tornado injures two people in Villaseca de la Sagra (Toledo)

A small but intense tornado injured two people and caused significant damage in Villaseca de la Sagra and neighbouring villages on Monday, 12th August. The tornado caused damage to homes, power lines and uprooted trees, leaving the local festival area completely destroyed.

2013/08/05   Downburst captured on video in Canada

An intense downburst in Canada was captured on video by a resident. The event lasted for less than 2 minutes, but strong winds accompanied by large hailstones were sufficient to destroy trees and overturn lorries. Readers are encouraged to watch the video. 

2013/08/04   Tornado in Kingstone, South Australia

A small tornado passed through the township of Kingstone, South Australia. The tornado raised various roofs, ripped up trees and left over 1000 homes without power. As described be a resident, the rare event for the region is believed to be one of the worst storms in over 40 years.  

2013/07/29   Tornado in Grezzago (Milan)

An intense tornado, with winds exceeding 100km/hr, surprised locals of A Trezzo in Brianza, leaving over 12 people injured and over 12 homes destroyed. The tornado destroyed various roofs, and overturned numerous cars and trucks. A preliminary estimate of the damage caused by the event is expected to exceed 5.000.000 Euros.

2013/07/09   High winds cause failure of metal sheets

Strong winds in Cuenca last Tuesday caused a large metal sheet to become loose and impact a stationary car. Noone was injured in the incident. Metal sheets from the Alcampo commercial center were also detached during the same storm. In another incident in Toledo, firefighters recieved 18 calls for help for wind related emergencies, one of which was the failure of a traffic light post in the city center and the failure of a residential house facade.

2013/07/09   34th America's Cup begins in San Francisco

The first race of the Louis Vuitton Cup was held in San Francisco over the weekend, marking the beginning of Team Oracle defence of the 34th America´s Cup. The racing series is viewed as the most prestigious sailing competition worldwide. This years AC72 multihulled class boats can reach top speeds in excess of twice the wind speed. Although there is no Spanish challenge in this series, Oritia & Boreas wishes for a successful campaign by our friends from the Racing Bravo instrument team originating from EUPLA, Zaragoza now onboard Oracle Team USA.

2013/07/08   Celebrating 50 years of wind engineering

The year 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Wind Engineering. The first international conference on wind effects on structures was held in Teddington, UK in 1963 and is regarded as the birth of the discipline. During the first conference, a total of twenty three papers were presented, two of which were by Alan Davenport, founder of the Alan G. Davenport Wind Engineering Laboratory, technological partner of Oritia & Boreas. The anniversary is celebrated this week at the European African Conference on Wind Engineering at Cambridge, UK, where the early work of Davenport, Cermak, Scruton and Jensen will be remembered and celebrated.

2013/06/26   Oritia&Boreas receives award for Business Excellence

For the fourth year, the Grupo Joly and La Caixa presented the Andalucia Small Business awards for excellence, where Oritia & Boreas received the award in the category of Innovation, Technological Development, TIC and Aeronautics. This recognition serves to reaffirm the determination of the O&B staff and the construction of SAVE (Simulator of Extreme Atmospheric Winds) which is currently underway.

2013/06/21   Oritia & Boreas, experiences of success at the Agency IDEA technical workshop

O&B director, José Mª Terrés-Nícoli, was invited to participate in the round table discussion "Opening the pathway: Experiences of successful University Entrepreneurs". The discussion was the closing highlight of the technical workshop "Promoting action for Entrepreneurs", organized by the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalucia (IDEA) in collaboration with the UGR. At the conclusion of the workshop, José Mª Terrés-Nícoli offered his experiences as founder of Oritia & Boreas on the 'Hoy por Hoy' radio program on Cadena Ser Granada.

2013/06/21   Strong winds provoke local failure of city sculpture

Strong winds caused individual sheets to be ripped away from the artistic monument in the cultural center of Tango, Argentina. Luckily, no pedestrians were injured. This comes as a healthy reminder that urban sculptures are susceptible to gusty wind loading experienced in city centers. The 2011 Seville Fair Front Gate by J. Gutiérrez or the larger Caja Madrid Obelisk by Santiago Calatrava, are examples of national urban art projects that could have benefited from testing in a boundary layer wind tunnel with proper simulation of the wind turbulence, distinct from aeronautical wind tunnels with uniform flow. The latter example was retested by our official partner at Western University, Canada, in consultation with O&B director, José Mª Terrés-Nícoli.

2013/06/11   Wind gusts of up to 124km/hr cause damage in Comodoro Rivadavia (Patagonia, Argentina)

Constant high winds of up to 124km/hr caused dust storms in the Amaneció city of Argentina last Tuesday. The strong winds caused the failure of five building roofs, along with numerous comercial signs, trees and telephone lines. No people were injured during the storm, but the material damage is reported to be considerable.

2013/06/06   O&B participation at the "III Jornadas Internacionales de enseñanza de la Ingeniería Estructural"

Oritia & Boreas director, José María Terrés-Nícoli, presented at the ACHE III International Conference on Education in Structural Engineering, held in Valencia, June 12-13. As a spin-off of the University of Granada, the conference was an opportunity to discuss the methods we are adopting at O&B to improve the understanding of wind effects on structures in the national engineering community. This ranges from teaching of fundamentals in undergraduate courses and graduate research projects, to the organization of seminar/workshop events directed at the private industry and collaboration in international projects.

2013/05/31   Confirmed tornado in Chile with 412 people displaced

A tornado event in San Carlos, Biobío region of Chile, has been confirmed as a category F1 F2 by authorities in Chile. A total of 412 people were effected with homes and workplaces destroyed. Damage to the roof of a school building caused minor injuries to children. In parallel, the tornado season continues in Oklahoma with at least five new tornadoes observed by authorities, coming just 11 days after the F5 category tornado hit the region. The recent tornadoes swept through El Reno, leaving more than 200,000 people without electricity and 11 victims.

2013/05/30   Zonda winds uproot electrical posts in Fiambalá, Argentina

Zonda winds, local foehn winds found in the slopes of the Andes, caused the collapse of electrical transmission lines around Fiambalá, Argentina. These thermal winds are also commonly observed in the Sierra Nevada along the Gaudix plains of Granada. Generally known as Foehn winds, these mountain system winds are known by many names in Spain including calderetas, cierzo, alpeföhn and chinook.

2013/05/29   Tornado hits northern Italy

A tornado passed through the Brianza region of northern Italy, some 25km from Milan. Although relatively small, with wind speeds reaching 115m/hr, it caused damage to buildings, overturned trucks and left a trail of debris. Video footage caught on mobile phones recorded the tornado as it passed across an industrial area.

2013/05/20   EF5 tornado strikes Oklahoma City

A giant tornado, confirmed as a Category EF5, devastated suburbs in Oklahoma City, USA. The tornado, with a diameter of over 2km and wind speeds up to 320km/hr, lasted for over 40 minutes and left a trail of destruction over 25km long. This is the second F5 tornado to hit the same suburb of Oklahoma City in 14 years. In 1999, the strongest tornado ever recorded with winds in excess of 480km/hr, followed almost the same path over the city. Oritia & Boreas is currently designing the Simulator of Extreme Environmental Winds, S·A·V·E·, with the capacity to reproduce and study these complex three dimensional flows.

2013/05/20   Change in the wind

The upcoming third anniversary is a good moment to reflect on the last three years of O&B. Through the course of the many projects completed by the O&B team, we have been honoured to receive our share of public recognition. Congratulations to the staff of O&B as we continue foward.

2013/05/17   O&B winner of the IV Edition Awards for Grupo Joly - "La Caixa"

O&B has been awarded the category "Innovation, Technological development, TIC and Aeronautics" of the IV Premios a la Excelencia en las Pymes Andaluzas. The awards, organized by the newspaper publication company Grupo Joly and the financial entity 'la Caixa', are an initiative for stimulating and recognizing leading companies, given the importance of continued development of small and medium sized companies in the region.

2013/05/17   Oritia & Boreas attends IC2 Institute Workshop

O&B director, José María Terrés-Nícoli, participated in the workshop ‘Practical Technology Commercialization Workshop – Converting Technology to Wealth, from the Lab to the Market’, organized by the prestigious Institute IC2, University of Texas, Austin, USA.  The Institute is devoted to entrepreneurship, innovation and global commercialization of technology and knowledge. The workshop includes various hands-on activities, lively strategy sessions and practical discussions and topics related to marketing new technologies.

2013/05/09   II Workshop on Ingeniería Informática, Empresa y Sociedad

The second workshop on Ingeniería Informática, Empresa y Sociedad was held last May 9th in Ceuta, Spain. The workshop was dedicated to how spin-off companies may be an effective alternative for young entrepreneurs. Oritia & Boreas was invited to participate and discuss our recent experiences and provide advice and motivation to the youth for the creation of companies.

2013/05/04   Another storm hits General Villegas, Buenos Aires

General Villegas, located in the north-west of the Buenos Aires province, was hit by a storm with intense winds and rain. The same village was also hit by a similar event at Christmas. High intensity winds provoked the collapse of the roof of a recently inaugurated school building, projecting the debris some 300m downwind. The winds also caused failures to building roofs, shelters and trees throughout the village.

2013/05/03   Spectacular tornado in Northern Italy

An intense super-cell swept through the Northern Italian provinces of Módena and Bolonia, producing large hail pellets and a series of intense tornadoes. The high intensity winds and flying debris destroyed crops and provoked damage to over 100 buildings, injuring at least 12 people.

2013/04/19   Congratulations for Movistar Cycling team

Oritia & Boreas congratulates Movistar Cycling Team for their wind tunnel testing at the University of Granada facility which design and construction was directed by O&B cofounder. Oritia & Boreas is currently building a new simulator with a sports specialized large test section (therefore no blockage effect) and instrumentation dedicated to improving the aerodynamic performance of elite and amateur athletes.

2013/04/19 Oritia & Boreas obtains the Entrepreneur Stamp ‘Certificado ER’ for the Project S·A·V·E·

The Entrepreneur Stamp ‘Certificado ER’ (first and last letters of EmprendadoR), is a stamp of approval granted for the O&B Simulator of Extreme Environmental Winds (S·A·V·E·), after successful completion of a three day auditing process. The ‘Certificado ER’ was initiated by the EGauss Incubator, headed by Raúl Mata, CEO and Ambassador Entrepreneur of Vodafone. Endorsed by the President of Innovation and Technology of UPM, Centre for Formation of San Sebastión de los Reyes and the Junta de Andalucía, the management systems of the Entrepreneur Stamp ‘Certificado ER’ demonstrates to investors and the market that the company has the capacity to develop their project with the objective of guaranteeing support to the investment team.

2013/04/04   O&B invited to participate in the IES Montevives ‘Week of Entrepreneurs’

As part of the week of entrepreneurs, organized by the IES Montevives, O&B participated in the roundtable discussion dedicated to ‘International Program for Entrepreneurs’. As beneficiary of the iNeXe program (Individual Entrepreneur Visits), José María Terrés-Nícoli was invited to share his experiences from his recent visit to Canada (London, Ontario), where he met with leading engineering companies to establish technological associations with O&B (UWO-BLWTL, National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Neocog Technologies Inc.).

2013/04/03 Countdown to the Luis Vuitton Cup, 34th America´s Cup

The America's Cup, considered the oldest trophy in international sport and the most difficult to win. The high-tech designs and next generation materials of the yachts oblige the participating teams to work together with the best investigators, companies and technological centers for optimizing the yacht components. The founding members of Oritia & Boreas participated as official technological partners of the Desafío Español team for the 32nd America's Cup (Valencia, 2007). The partners, Terrés-Nicoli and Mans, worked with the team to optimize the onboard wind monitoring sensors of the yacht, the development of new high-precision sensors and the aerodynamic optimization of the yacht sails.

2013/04/01   Emprendedores Magazine: O&B, a company with ‘Strategy’

The magazine ‘Emprendedores’ highlights O&B as an example for how young start-up companies can capture large companies as clients. The article describes how the strategy, to focus their highly specialized, expert knowledge and flexibility towards the needs of the client, has given O&B the advantage to work with leading companies like FCC, Abengoa, Sunlink, Typsa and the architect Santiago Calatrava.

2103/03/18   Pritzker awarded to the creator of timeless buildings

Toyo Ito (Seoul, 1941) has been awarded the 2013 Pritzker prize for Architecture. The prestigious award is considered the highest accolade in the profession of architecture and comes with a $100.000 bonus.
Amongst others, the Japanese architect was the creator of the Hotel Porta Fira in Barcelona, in which the founding partners of Oritia & Partners, Jmt and Cm, participated in a wind effects study.

Hotel Porta Fira

2013/03/14 Oritia & Boreas selected as national finalist for the ‘Emprendo con Vodafone‘ Awards

O&B has been selected as one of the 12 national finalists for the ‘Emprendo con Vodafone‘ Awards, an initiative of the Vodafone Entrepreneurs Plan, in which over 1000 projects were presented in Spain. The O&B Simulator of Extreme Environmental Winds (S·A·V·E·) was selected by a multidisplinary panel of experts as one of fourteen national projects to be presented before an audience of investors on March 20, in Madrid.

2013/03/09   Multiple water spouts appear off the Galician atlantic coast

The atmospheric instability that effects the Atlantic coastline off Galicia, in orange alert for strong winds, resulted in the appearance of multiple tornadoes, as confirmed by the meteorological expert at MeteoGalicia, María Souto. One of the tornadoes crossed the coastline at Aguiño, passing over Ribeira and reaching as far as Playa Coroso, while also causing damage to the municipal of A Pobra. In A Guarda, another tornado caused roof damage to two industrial buildings, while a third water spout was also observed in the Playa de los Patos, in Nigán.

2013/03/07    Oritia & Boreas forms working partnership with Melfosur

O&B is pleased to announce the formation of a working partnership with Melfosur. The Granada company is an established force in the renewable energy and industrial sectors, experts in building energy efficiency and the development of solar photovoltaic and wind installations. The partnership is a natural synergy between two I+D companies with international perspectives and broadens the portfolio of services available to our clients.

2013/02/28   Multiple wáter spouts observed in the Alicante coastline

The atmospheric instability that recently crossed the south-east of the peninsula generated multiple water spouts along the coastlines of Alicante, Villajoyosa and Benidorm. The AEMET (Agencia Estatal de Meteorología) confirmed that no damage was reported and the water spouts did not make landfall. These extreme wind events are very commonly observed along the Spanish coast. According to a recent study presented at the European Conference on Severe Storms (ECSS, Praga 2002), it is estimated that up to 150 tornados occur annually in the Peninsula, which is six times the number of tornados which are officially recorded.

Manga Marina Galicia

2013/02/23   Congratulations Carolina Ruiz

Our congratulations to Carolina Ruiz for her historic win in the Downhill piste in the Alpine Ski World Cup, held in Meribel (France). The Granadina finished 0.20 seconds ahead of her nearest rival, German Maria Höfl-Riesch, for her first win in a major tournament and becoming the first Spanish woman to win a World Cup event in the sport. The construction of the new O&B facility in Granada, SAVE, will permit champions like Carolina to carry out aerodynamic studies in the wind tunnel, as routinely performed by her rivals, further improving on her outstanding performance.

Carolina Campeona

2013/02/22   Possible tornado causes severe damage in La Puebla de la Parrilla (Cordoba)

Strong winds caused severe damage to the electrical supply of over 80% of homes in the Hornachuelos municipality La Puebla de la Parrilla. Significant damage was observed in the urban center, local roads and homes, some of which were not insured. The area was submitted to the Junta de Andalucía as a catastrophe zone after a damage survey by the local municipality technicians given the importance of the damaged public services. Members of the Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET) will visit the damaged area to classify the event as a tornado or another type of local extreme wind event.

2013/02/08   Strong wind event in León

Strong winds in León caused the collapse of a metallic shelter and damage to façade elements of over 20 buildings in the area.  According to information obtained from the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) database, the anemometer at León airport recorded a peak gust wind speed of 22m/s during the event.

Vientos fuertes en leon Marquesina derribada

2013/02/01   Publication in CEI-Biotic journal

Oritia & Boreas research in ski-cross in Journal Iss. 7, CEI-Biotic

Plataforma Salida Skicross

2013/01/31   35m wind turbine collapse from high winds in UK

Strong winds of up to 215km/hr caused the collapse of a wind turbine in Devon, UK. Experts are investigating the source of the collapse, but believe the intense winds may have caused the blades to spin out of control, provoking a failure of the tower at its base.

Wind turbine collapsed

2013/01/26   Collapse of the Juan Ripollés Sculpture due to high winds

Gust winds of up to 113km/hr provoked the collapse of the Juan Ripollés sculpture, at the roundabout ‘Sur’ in the capital La Plana. The 34 ton structure was made of a mixture of iron, steel and copper with a height of 25m and diameter of 16m.

escultura caida castellón

2013/01/22   High winds from the low pressure system 'Gong' provoked the collapse of multiple structures

The extreme meteorological phenomenon ‘Gong’ recently tracked through the Iberian Peninsula with intense gust winds reaching 140km/hr.

Ciclogenesis Explosiva GONG

2012/12/28   Oritia & Boreas congratulates Carolina Ruiz for her magnificent World Cup performance

The Granadina skier specializes in the downhill and Super G disciplines, where aerodynamics has important implications. Carolina finished the weekend with a brilliant fourth place in the Super-G and tenth in the downhill at the latest World Cup event in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. The O&B staff have collaborated with the Olympic skier in the past and maintain important plans to continue in the near future. This is Carolinas second best career finish in World Cup competition and comes two weeks before the main event of the winter season, the Alpine World Championships at Schladming, where O&B wish she can fulfill her dreams.

Carolina Ruiz

2012/12/28   Oritia & Boreas participation at XII Encuentro Ingeniero & Joven International 2012

Oritia & Boreas was represented at the XII Encuentro Ingeniero & Joven International 2012. The theme of this year’s conference was “the truth behind working overseas”. During the conference, José María Terrés Nícoli, CEO of O&B, presented his experiences in working abroad and involvement in international projects. The conference was organized by the Civil Engineering Society (Colegio de Ingenieros, Caminos, Canales y Puertos) for Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla, in collaboration with the UGR Civil Engineering Department (ETSICCP) and the Granada Business Confederation (Confederación Granadina de Empresarios).

Acceso video Ingeniero y Joven internacional 2012
XII Encuentro Joven e Ingeniero Internacional


2012/12/14   I Private Investment Forum for Spin-off companies of the University of Granada

Oritia & Boreas was one of 10 companies selected to participate in the I Private Investment Forum for Spin-off companies of the University of Granada. The event, which took place in the Sala de Convalecientes del Hospital Real of the University of Granada on the 14th of December, was the final phase of the “Path to Investment” project in which O&B has been involved with since its inception last April.

Foro Inversion Privada Spin-off

2012/12/11   Oritia & Boreas participation in the 6th Edition of Young Company Innovation Awards

Oritia & Boreas was selected as one of 10 finalists to receive the VI Edition Young Company Innovation Awards. Organized by the Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento in collaboration with Ibercaja, the awards are recognition of the creation of new start-up companies in Spain, rewarding aspects such as the intensity of the investigating activity, the entrepreneurial advancement, social impact, creation of employment, product/service offered and contribution to strategic sectors.

VI Premio Joven Empresa Innovadora


2012/12/06   Small but destructive tornado in Wellington, New Zealand

An extraordinarily destructive tornado flattened a number of suburbs in the major city of New Zealand leaving in its path more than 250 evacuees and 3 deaths. Although the country suffers an average of 7 tornados annually, this has been the worst event in more than 60 years.

2012/11/28   Oritia & Boreas participation in RedEmprendia 2012

Oritia & Boreas presented its project before a number of international investors and business angels at the Forum of Investment in Innovative Companies at ‘RedEmprendia Spin2012’. O&B was one of 22 spin-off companies selected out of almost 100 projects originating from Iberoamericana Universities from more than 8 countries.

Red Emprendia 2012

2012/11/27   Wind tunnel developed to detect anti-personnel mines

José María Terrés-Nícoli was interviewed for the radio program Aula Abierta as the principal investigator in the design and development of a wind tunnel to detect anti-personnel mines at the Colorado School of Mines (USA). The project was partially funded by the US Defence Ministry and will be a valuable tool for forwarding humanitarian aid.

Acceso audio tunel de viento minas antipersona

Tunel de viento para detectar minas antipersonas

2012/11/23   Oritia & Boreas participation at Emtech Spain

Oritia & Boreas participated at Emtech Spain, a conference for emerging technologies organized by the Journal Technology Review (MIT, USA), and a point of reference for the most important technological gurus of the world. O&B presented their project within the Investment Forum, organized by the Spanish Chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum. This consisted of a highly productive gathering, in which a limited number of start-up companies were selected to meet individually with a select group of invited investors.

Emtech Spain

2012/11/16   Oritia & Boreas represented in the iNeXe program

Oritia & Boreas director, José María Terrés-Nícoli, was the beneficiary of the program iNeXe – International Executive of Andaluz Entrepreneurs, within the individual Enterprise Visits class. The reward initiative is part of the International Program for Entrepreneurs in Andalucia and his involvement has been published as Successful Entrepreneur Experience

2012/11/15   Oritia & Boreas will participate as speaker at the ‘Day of the Entrepreneur, Andalucia’

The following 3rd of December, José María Terrés-Nícoli will speak at the 7th edition of the ‘Day of the Entrepreneur, Andalucia’, an initiative promoted nationally by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. The forum is a public recognition of entrepreneurs, companies and institutions for their contribution in the socioeconomic development of Andaluz production.

Día de la persona emprendedora

2012/11/13   O&B, invited by the Sciences Academy to represent UGR Spin-off and EBT in a round table discussion

Oritia & Boreas participated in the 1st Workshop on ‘Science, Transfer of Knowledge to Society’, organized by the Mathematical Sciences, Natural Physics and Chemistry Academy and in collaboration with the Office for the Transfer of Research, University of Granada. José María Terrés-Nícoli was one of four members selected to represent the EBT and Spin-off companies of the UGR for a round table discussion between University of Granada Knowledge Based Companies (EBC’s), providing their experiences in creating synergies and the transfer of knowledge between the University and the private sector.

2012/10/17   Research article published in the journal Eolus

The journal Eolus, specialized in the wind turbine industry, has published in its current edition an article by José María Terrés-Nícoli and Christian Mans, founding partners of Oritia & Boreas. The article discusses the advantages of boundary layer wind tunnel testing in optimizing the performance of wind turbines.


2012/09/22   Extreme wind simulator for sports athletes

The Granada spin-off company Oritia & Boreas intends to construct a new simulator of extreme environmental winds that, amongst other applications, will be used to study aerodynamics of amateur and professional sports athletes. Construction of the project, valued at 4M€, will begin at the end of the year and will be operational early 2014.


2012/09/07   The sustainable city in Andalucia

The journal Enova, in its current July-September edition, has published an article on sustainable buildings in which José María Terrés-Nícoli, CEO and cofounder of Oritia & Boreas, explains the benefits of using light façade elements for improving energy efficiency in tall buildings and the importance of correctly investigating their wind response characteristics.

Ciudad Sostenible en Andalucia

2012/05/16   Oritia & Boreas experiences success in Red Emprendeverde Information

Oritia & Boreas appears in the latest issue of Red Emprendeverde Information Nº11 ‘Experiences of Success’.

2012/05/16   José María Terrés-Nícoli interviewed by the Biodiversity Foundation-Red Emprendeverde

Oritia & Boreas aparece en el boletín Red Emprendeverde Información Nº11 como “Experiencia de Éxito”.

2012/04/26   Oritia & Boreas selected by CTDI

Oritia & Boreas has been selected by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) to participate in a research project within the Feder-Innterconecta program, in partnership with Abengoa Research, various companies and Centers of Investigation. The principal objective of the Feder-Innterconecta program is the financing of large integrated projects for experimental development.

Centro de Desarrollo Tecnologico Industrial

2012/03/10   Oritia & Boreas to develop a skicross training platform

Oritia & Boreas is developing, together with the CEIBIOTIC (UGR) and the Spanish national winter sports federation, a new training platform for optimizing the starting times of Skicross athletes. Thanks to this new tool, the skiers will be able to improve their starting body positioning and exiting speeds for competition.


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