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2015/11/13   Oritia & Boreas in the VII Spin-Off Conference of the UGR

O&B deployed a full stand where our staff answered many questions from interested delegates. Along with scale models of different projects and the presentation of selected research, the attendees had the opportunity to learn about the new Environmental Simulator of Extreme Winds (SAVE) and the new headquarters of O&B under construction, named as LACIAD which means Civil, Industrial, Environmental and Sports Aerodynamic Laboratory.

2015/09/24   1812 Constitution Bridge (La Pepa), opens to road traffic

Road traffic on La Pepa Bridge. This milestone of Spanish engineering represents an investment over 500 million Euros by the Ministry of Public Works. With a 540 m long central span and two 185 m tall towers. Oritia & Boreas has taken part of both the design and the monitoring of the works for the aforementioned bridge. In particular, and regarding the structural design, O&B has developed the full aeroelastic model of the structure and the aerodynamic performance analysis of the wind barriers. From timestamp 2:10 of the attached footage onwards recordings are taken from the boundary wind tunnel testing of the model of the structure that O&B conducted at the facilities of the Western University in Canada, official technology partner of O&B.

2015/08/27   The wrath of a typhoon

We are used to tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons footage showing these forces of nature. What is not that common is what was recorded at Taiwans airport. The incident shows how the winds generated by Typhoon Soudelor, category 5 out of 5, lift the front wheels of a Boing 747 with a MEW (Manufacturer empty weight) in the order of 178,750 kg.

2015/08/25   Nominations for the ZBRUSH Awards released

ZBRUSH, the well-known digital sculpture software will give their first awards based on the voting of their users community. Amongst the awarded categories we can find the ZBRUSH TO 3D PRINT OF THE YEAR award. In this category, O&B’s client Victor Marín (Invictus Design) has been nominated  for his work for The Dulk. O&B was selected to bring the design to reality. Based on the quality of the work and the subsequent impact, we ca say we are proud of out performance. Congratulations Víctor and all the luck!

2015/08/18   Oritia & Boreas opens two new site offices

O&B has opened two new technical offices. The first one in Algeciras located at Calle Misioneras Concepcionistas 3. The second one is a part of the Civil, Industrial, Environmental & Sports Aerodynamics Lab (CIESAL) which is under construction at the Parque Metropolitano Industrial y Tecnológico de Granada in Escúzar. O&B keeps on its track towards the opening of SAVE (Extreme Winds Environmental Simulator).

2015/08/14   Microburst Timelapse

A microburst is a very localized descending wind column originated inside a storm. As opposed to tornadoes, wind inside the microburst does not twist. Its average duration is in the order of 15 minutes. Microburst are a potential hazard for aircrafts, especially during landing. See the video for an example.

2015/07/14   The downdraught effect at 20 Fenchurch St.

The drowndraught effect or descending current effect affects skyscrapers with exposed flat surfaces. Wind hits the envelope of the building and a partially descends towards the base of the structure  where it can disturb pedestrians or even originate dangerous situations. At 20 Fenchurch St, London, the Walkie Talkie Building, a person passed away hit by a car overturned by this type of wind. Winds generated in the base of the building are becoming increasingly annoying for pedestrians. The Authorities have announced an investigation on the issue.

25/05/2015   1812 Constitution Bridge deck finally closed in Cádiz

The last section of the Cadiz Bay Bridge deck was erected and put in place. The 50m long-1000Tn heavy section was erected after 7 years of construction. Oritia & Boreas has played an active role during this years as it was in charge of the environmental and structural monitoring.

25/05/2015   13 killed in a Tornado in Mexico

Last 25th of May a category 4 Tornado (on a scale of a maximum up to 5) hit the border city of Ciudad Acuña. The result of the 6 seconds that the phenomenon lasted was 13 people killed, more than 90 people injured and considerable destruction.

2015/03/21   Eguibar wins 2015 season titles in snowboard cross (SBX)

The San Sebastian born Lucas Eguibar took home the season snowboard cross title in the final race of the season in La Molina (SPA). “I’m so happy to win the crystal globe”, Eguibar said. O&B in close cooperation with CEI Biotic and the Spanish Winter Sports Federation, developed the SKX technological platform to improve riders’ race starts that was tested last May by Laro Herrero and Lukas himself in Sierra Nevada (Granada, Spain). At O&B we are proud to believe that our development has contributed to Lucas’ success and take the opportunity to congratulate Lukas for his achievement expecting that it will be the first of many to come!

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