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2016/11/28   Large waterspout in the Gulf of Valencia, Spain.

A very large waterspout, tornado over water, was seen in the Gulf of Valencia, Spain on November 27, 2016 and recorded by numerous witnesses. According to Ametse (Association Meteorologica del Sureste), a severe thunderstorm anchored in the Gulf of Valencia apparently produced two bigger waterspouts and a bunch of smaller ones. The waterspout did not reach land and there are no reports of injuries.

2016/11/23   A tornado of force 2 caused the death of two people in the Roman coast.

On Sunday, November the 6th, at about five o'clock in the afternoon, the Northern Coast of Rome was hit by a EF2 tornado, which caused two deaths and severe material damages in the cities of Ladispoli and Cesano. The violence of the wind was such that the imposing crane of the fishing berth collapsed like a house of cards on the pedestrian bridge. The outer wall of two floors in a building located in Ancona St. crashed down. The City will ask to the Authorities of the region to declare the zone as a state of natural disaster.


Oritia & Boreas will be present to the III Forum on Renewable Energy in Mexico and Central America, which will take place 8th to 11th of November at the headquarters of Extenda in Seville. During the first day a representation of O & B will be available to meet requests received by parts of the Andalusian energy companies in the B2B meetings, seeking to provide all who need it, the possibility to establish a direct contact with the company.


Last Thursday, researchers from the University of Granada Health and Sports Institute (IMUDS) , visited the new Civil, Industrial, Environmental and Sports Aerodynamics Lab (LACIAD) Oritia & Boreas is building in Escúzar (GR).


The European University of Madrid opened the registration period for the contest contest of design and aerodynamic analysis in the wind tunnel designed and built by O&B. The aim of the contest is to design and build the wing of a drone (UAV) to test its maximum aerodynamic finesse (L / D) and its maximum lift coefficient in the wind tunnel. The contest is open to students of degree in Aeronautical and Industrial Engineering from any University and allows the access in the wind tunnel.

2016/07/18   O&B pays tribute to the Sierra Nevada C.A.R. for the more than 30 medals won at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

Oritia & Boreas wants to pay tribute to his colleagues and friends of the High Performance Centre (CAR) of Granada, for more than 30 medals won at the Olympic Games, for athletes who have chosen the CAR of Sierra Nevada CSD, as center training. During the past 12 months, the CAR of Sierra Nevada CSD has been a meeting of the best athletes on the planet, in view of their preparation for the Olympic Games held recently in Rio. These Olympic Games have brought to these athletes multitude of successes, which have become, in many cases, in the long-awaited Olympic medals. In total there were 33 medals which have been forged in the CAR of Sierra Nevada, 11 of them gold.

2016/07/25   Vibration of the cables of the ‘Bridge of Andalusia’ (Córdoba –Spain-) due to wind action

The spread of social media has helped greatly in creating awareness of how wind intrudes into our daily life, including how buildings and bridges sway and move in strong winds. One such example is the following video showing the oscillation of the cables supporting the bridge ‘Puente de Andalusia’, which crosses the Guadalquivir River in Córdoba (Spain). Most of these types of problems can be avoided with a proper understanding of the phenomena early on during the design stage. In some cases however, problems only become evident after the structure is built. Cost effective remedial solutions can normally be found by either modifying how the wind flows around the structure, or by modifying how the structure responds to the wind.

2016/07/18   Excitation of a stadium tier from jumping fans

A day out at the football often involves a song or two, a chant and a little banter. Dancing and jumping in unison can also generate a great atmosphere inside the stadium and is popular with some supporters. When whole crowds begin to jump in synch with each other, what normally occurs is that the stadium will begin to oscillate and over time the crowd will begin to jump at the same frequency as the stadium. When a packed stadium is jumping at the same frequency, the structure can begin to oscillate at interesting amplitudes. The following link shows the oscillations of the stadium tier during the FC Nürnberg – Eintracht Frankfurt match. Although this action is always considered in the engineering design, some oscillations can be higher than expected after the stadium is completed and can affect the perception of safety of some supporters. Similar to studies on the dynamic response of structures due to wind action, O&B also offers vibration analysis and remedial services for alleviating vibrations caused by other sources of excitation, whether or not caused by the wind.


O&B has designed and built a Wind tunnel for the Universidad Europea de Madrid located in the Villaviciosa de Odón Campus. It is a Wind tunnel for teaching and applied demonstration for Civil and Aerospace Engineering with two closed test sections and closed recirculation air circuit. The high speed test section presents a square section of 900x900mm and the low speed test section has a section of 1800x1800mm. The turbomachine counts on nine blades with a diameter of 1600 mm and an engine power of 37 kW which is controlled by a variable-frequency drive.

2016/05/13   Oritia & Boreas featured in Granada Hoy

Todays issue of the newspaper Granada Hoy featured an article on the O&B laboratory currently being constructed in Escúzar, providing a nice summary of our LACIAD installation and the new wind simulator, SAVE. When complete, the facility will be home to the largest boundary layer wind tunnels in Spain, allowing the company to position itself as a wind engineering reference in Europe.

2016/05/12   Oritia & Boreas receives AJE 2016 award

The Granada branch of the Association of Young Businesses (AJE) has honored Oritia & Boreas with the award of Business Trajectory, recognizing the continued growth of O&B over the last 6 years. AJE Andalucia is an independent association dedicated to the representation of over 2300 young businesses in the region. O&B will represent Granada in the provincial awards ceremony to be held in Almeria, along with Naranjo Intelligent Solutions, winner of the Business Initiative category.

2016/04/13   Waterspouts spotted in Galicia

Various images have emerged in social media of waterspouts forming over the Galicia coastline, around A costa da Morte, Ría de Arousa and Corrubedo. Waterspouts commonly form around the Spanish coastline, rapidly developing and dissipating over a short period in time. Unlike tornados, wind speeds within the waterspouts are low, rarely exceeding 30m/s. As part of our new SAVE facility (Ambiental extreme wind simulator), O&B will be able to recreate these phenomena safely in the laboratory to study how they interact with man-made structures.

2016/04/11   Strong winds detach roof sheeting of Riazor Stadium Roof 

Sections of the Riazor Stadium were closed on the weekend as strong winds caused the detachment of roof sheetings on parts of the stadium roof. Failures like these can be prevented with a proper understanding of the wind environment and wind/structure interaction. O&B is specialized in the study of wind effects on tall buildings, bridges and stadiums and our team help architects and designers eliminate these type of problems before they have a chance of occurring, or can give cost-effective solutions to an existing problem. 

2016/04/10   ONDDI presentation of O&B office structural design

Last month, the general manager of Onddi, Jon Urien, discussed the structural design of the O&B office at the conference ‘Spatial structures, the industrial solution to complex construction’, held at the Universidad del País Vasco. Onddi has been responsible for mounting the steel frame structure of our LACIAD building (Civil, Industrial, Environmental and Sports Aerodynamic Laboratory), the future head office and laboratory of Oritia & Boreas that will hold the largest boundary layer wind tunnel in Spain. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Onddi for their professional work and thank them for their continued involvement.

2016/04/08   Oritia & Boreas receives PYME INNOVADORA certification

Oritia & Boreas is pleased to announce a special PYME INNOVADORA certification from the Secretary for Investigation, Development and Innovation (I+D+i), Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. With this certification, the ministry officially recognizes the innovative character of the O&B company and our continued commitment to R&D. 

2016/04/01   Tribute to the prestigious architect Zaha Hadid

Oritia & Boreas and in particular the CEO, José María Terrés-Nícoli, would like to pay tribute to the extensive career of the Iraqi-British arquitect. José María had the opportunity to collaborate in one of her projects, the Bridge Pavilion that was constructed for the Expo 2008 in Zaragoza. From O&B, our most sincere thoughts and condolences. 

2016/01/04  Trees falling and facade detachment

The región of Madid has been strike by strong wind gusts along the weekend. In the city of Alcorcon the alluminium façade of a building collapsed crushing into a car. In Madrid the fall of a tree resulted in the closure of two streets. Also in Madrid, at Alegria de Oria St. A branch fell onto a parked car causing serious damage. Madrid Town Hall was forced to closet he Retiro Park, due to safety issues. Despite all these incidents no personal damage is reported.

2016/02/02   Works for LACIAD in progress

Our Civil, Industrial, Environmental and Sports Aerodynamics Lab (LACID) is getting closer to its opening within SAVE (Environmental Extreme Winds Simulator). With both of them in operation Oritia & Boreas will make a significant breakthrough improving services to be provided. Progress to be reported soon.

2016/02/08   Wind gusts of up to 105 km/h in Alicante

Wind Gusts of up to 105 km/h have caused major damages in Alicante during last night. Despite only minor personal injuries caused to an individual due to cornice fall, all other reported damages were only material.The stongest gust wer erecordedn en Xixona and Agres at 105 kph and 102 kph at Busot.

2016/02/08   Galicia struggles due to wind

O Salnés county has been hit by a rain and wind storm last Saturday. Firefighters have been reporting incidents caused by debris moved by wind. Debris included branches from trees, parts from Meaño Sports pavillion or Ribadumia Auditorium.

2016/02/11   Wind tears off two placards from a facade in Palma de Mallorca

Yesterday two steel plates from the façade of the Congress Hall in construction in the city were tore off by the wind. An investigation was called to find out if the two plates were misplaced or if it was only the action of wind that caused the damage. All other plates are actually under revisión.

2016/02/15   A boy killed in Aroche hit by a beam

MPR, a 3-years old boy form the city of Aroche (Huelva) passed away last Sunday after been hit by a beam. The wind is supposed to be the reason that caused the accident. This was the worst incident amongst the 78 recorded incidents in the County of Huelva due to strong wind gusts that caused branches, cornices and Steel plates to fall. From Oritia & Boreas our deepest condolences to the family.

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