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2019/07/15    A generation of business success

On the tenth anniversary of the awards for excellence in the andalusian SMEs, Oritia & Boreas returns to the news. Thanks to the effort, perseverance and dedication, the company from Granada won in the category of Innovation, Technological Development, ICT and Aeronautics in the fourth edition of the awards granted by Caixabank and Grupo Joly. Since then, the company specialized in assessing the effects of wind in singular buildings, high-rise structures, flexible structures, renewable energy systems or sports projects have doubled the workforce and quadrupled the turnover.

2019/07/08   Success of the second edition of the Master Class in wind engineering.

Past 4th and 5th of July the secon d edition of the Master Class in Wind Engineering took place at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Caminos, University of Granada. Professor H. Hangan, director of the Wind Engineering Center of Western University (WindE), and Professor J.M. Terrés-Nícoli, director of Oritia & Boreas and professor at the University of Granada split the teaching. The event was sponsored by Oritia & Boreas and the Department of Structural Mechanics of the University of Granada.

Master Class Wind Engineering.

We return with the second edition of the Wind Engineering masterclass.

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2019/06/18    The best wind tunnel will be installed in Granada in competition with my sister in law!

The city of Granada, celebrating its annual Corpus fest, echoes the imminent grand opening of the S.A.V.E. (Environmental Extreme Winds Simulator), with this particular “caroca”. We will be looking into hiring that sister-in-law!

2019/06/01    Bouncy castle crowded with children blown by the wind in Russia.

At least five children injured when an inflatable castle was lifted by a strong wind gust.

The incident occurred last Thursday in Ulan-Ude, a city in the cold region of Siberia, in southeastern Russia.

2019/05/27    Thank you Mr. Punset.

Eduard Punset passed away last May 22. Ortia & Boreas honors this awe-inspiring scientist. Back in 2011, Mr. Punset awarded O&B the national prize for technological innovation "Hacemos lo Imposible" sponsored by the Sacyr group. Eternally grateful.

2019/02/05    The windy weather brings down a circus in La Línea de la Concepción

The strong storm of wind has destroyed the tent of a circus installed in La Linea de la Concepción (Cádiz), although fortunately there has been no regret for personal injuries.

The intense gusts of wind have torn down and cracked the tent of the (Berlin Circus), which had been installed on (La Linea) for a week. And it is the strong storm west of the Strait of Gibraltar, with gusts exceeding 85 kilometers per hour, is causing havoc in the area and has forced to suspend almost all maritime connections between the ports of Ceuta and Algeciras.

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