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2018/11/21    Oritia & Boreas finalist of the Alas Awards

Oritia & Boreas among the finalists for the fourteenth edition of the Alas Awards for the Internationalization of Andalusian Companies.

The main aim of the Alas Awards is "to recognize the work of Andalusian Companies in international markets, as well as to stimulate the rest of the companies of the community so that it begins its process of internationalization as one more element of its economic activity".

2018/11/18    Oritia & Boreas is proud to participate in the project of the Morocco’s highest skyscraper.

The Bank of Africa tower will stand at 820 feet tall (250 meters), and become the tallest in Morocco the second-highest skyscraper on the continent, and the tallest in Morocco.

Rising to 55 floors, Morocco's Bank of Africa tower will host a luxury hotel, apartments, office space and a viewing terrace at the top. The new skyscraper was designed by architects Rafael de la Hoz and Hakim Benjelloun, and is being built by construction firms BESIX Group and Travaux Generaux de Construction de Casablanca (TGCC).

Oritia & Boreas has determined design wind loading and structural response study, with a plaza study of the tower and nearby surroundings to pedestrian comfort and security levels, façade design, landscape and urban planning. The study was based on pressure and balance model tests at the early state of design followed by a high resolution pressure model and a experimentally validated CFD model for detail analysis.

2018/09/17    Typhoon Mangkhut hits mainland China, lashes Hong Kong, dozens dead in Philippines

Hong Kong (CNN)The world's strongest storm this year, Typhoon Mangkhut, continued its path of destruction across Southeast Asia over the weekend, reaching mainland China on Sunday afternoon after pummeling Hong Kong and killing dozens in the Philippines.

Hong Kong's weather observatory issued its highest storm warning alert -- a signal T10 -- and the normally bustling city was all but shut down as transport was suspended and torrential rain flooded roads and buildings.

Winds of 173 kilometers per hour (107 miles per hour) and gusts of up to 223 kph (138 mph) were reported, stronger than Hurricane Florence that hit North Carolina over the weekend. There were no reported deaths in Hong Kong, a city well prepared for tropical cyclones.

2018/09/02    A sand tornado causes severe damage in a solar park

The high intensity windspeeds of such flow systems, well established and of intermediate duration, are usually not dangerous for buildings, but they might be for the normally more flexible and light structures of the solar parks. Wind blown sand within these flows may result in challenging effects to the structure and their service in operation.

2018/08/28    The Cycling Tour of Spain passes in front of LACIAD

On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, the Cycling Tour of Spain, passed again in front of the New Laboratory of Civil, Industrial, Environmental and Sport Aerodynamics (LACIAD) of Oritia & Boreas in Escúzar (GR). The American Benjamin King (Data dimension), has been the winner of this 4th stage of La Vuelta, a 161.4-kilometer journey between Vélez-Málaga and the unprecedented arrival at the Port of Alfacar.

2018/08/23    Strong winds causing severe damage to solar park Cordillera I in Argentina

In the early hours of Thursday, August 23, strong gusts destroyed a number of photovoltaic trackers of the Cordillera I Solar Park, built by Jinko Power, at the foothills of the Andes mountain range in the department of Iglesia, San Juan.

2018/07/09    The first Master Class in Wind Engineering has been a success.

Last 5th and 6th of July, a Master Class in Wind Engineering was celebrated by the Professor Hangan H., director of the Wind Engineering Center at Western University (WindE), and by the Professor Terrés-Nícoli, J.M., CEO of Oritia & Boreas, and professor of the University of Granada. The event was sponsored by Oritia & Boreas, University of Granada, Department of Structural Mechanics.

2018/07/05    Master Class Wind Engineering

This Thursday and Friday, a Master Class in Wind Engineering is organized by the expert and professor of recognized prestige: Dr. Hangan, H. on behalf of Western University, our official technological partner. Professor Hangan is director of the Wind Engineering Center at Western University (WindE). The micro-course will also include the participation of Dr. Mans, C. and Dr. Terrés-Nícoli, J.M.

It will be structured in approximately 6 hours covering basically 4 large blocks: - Review of foundations in Wind Engineering. - Methodological recommendations, normative framework and perspectives in the new Eurocode annex. - Aeroelastic phenomena. - Perspectives and future methodologies in Wind Engineering.

Details: -Location: ETS ICCP. from the University of Granada. -Date: Thursday 5, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm; and Friday 6, from 10: 00-13: 00 hours. -Organize: Oritia & Boreas Wind Engineering. -Patrocinan: Oritia & Boreas, University of Granada, Department of Structural Mechanics.

► The capacity is limited. For more information or registration please go to the following email address:

2018/07/03    Oritia & Boreas presents all the details of the CIESAL.

Oritia & Boreas presents all the details of the Civil, Industrial, Environmental and Sports Aerodynamics Lab (CIESAL), in an interview for the IDEAL.

2018/07/02    Oritia & Boreas is back in the news with the new CIESAL.

Oritia & Boreas is back in the news with the new CIESAL, Works for the Civil, Industrial, Environmental and Sports Aerodynamics Lab (CIESAL) are moving forward at a good pace. The lab is to host the biggest Wind Tunnel in Spain, known as SAVE which stands for the Spanish translation of the Extreme Winds Environmental Simulator.

2018/01/29   Strong winds cause over 300 incidents in Malaga province.

Malaga province was hit by strong winds on Sunday afternoon, which led to over 300 incidents and resulted in a cyclist being badly injured.

The most serious was the case of a 67-year-old foreign woman who was blown off her bicycle into a lamppost and suffered severe injuries on the seafront near the Sacaba Beach roundabout on the western edge of Malaga city.

At half past three in the afternoon the state weather agency (Aemet), based at the airport, measured a wind speed of 94 kilometres per hour and raised the alert level to orange, for both the wind speed and the size of the waves, which were up to four metres high.

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