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Oritia & Boreas S.L., EBT Spin-off of the University of Granada, offers applied research, technological development and advanced consulting services in the study of wind effects on structural systems.

Our objective, founded in a rich technological capacity and experience, is to introduce the best technologies to satisfy the growing demand for studies on the wind effects on tall and complex shaped buildings, bridges, flexible structures, renewable energy systems and sports science. O&B complements its core division with two lines of investigation intimately related to wind engineering: Structural Control and Monitorization and the division of Social Aerodynamics. 

The founding members, José María Terrés-Nícoli and Christian Mans, each have 20 years of experience offering wind engineering consulting services in projects of relevance, creations by architects such as Santiago Calatrava, Cesar Pelli, Norman Foster and David Chipperfield, with leading companies such as Abengoa Solar NT, FCC, Dragados, etc., and through established technological collaborations, such as with the Desafío Español 32nd Americas Cup Challenge Team. Guillermo Rus completes the technological capital, providing experience in fields such as structural control and monitorization and composite material engineering.



Oritia & Boreas S.L. B18924175. OFICINAS: Calle Ojos del S alado 100, 18008 Granada, Spain. LABORATORIO: LACIAD, Avda. de la Serrezuela 14, 18130, Escúzar. Granada. España - info@oritiayboreas.com - Tlf. 958 10 94 94 - Fax 958 71 55 29

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