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José María Terrés. Cofounder and CEO. See CV

Christian Mans.
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Guillermo Rus. Partner.
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Jose María Terrés-Nícoli. Cofounder and CEO.
Dr. Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos. Master in Wind Engineering

Profesor Asociado - Universidad de Granada, Grupo de Investigación Mecánica de sólidos y estructuras (TEP-167)

Specialization: Wind engineering, Structural dynamics, Bridge aerodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Structural control

In 1999 was presented the Fundación la Caixa scholarship for overseas study in Canada by the Royal Family. Years later, was selected as the public image of the same scholarship program for television advertisement. In 2002 obtained a Master in Engineering Science (MESC) with specialization in Wind Engineering at Western University (UWO, Canada). From 2002, was contracted investigator by CSIC (IACT) and the Universidad de Granada (UGR) and designed and constructed the first boundary layer wind tunnel in Spain which was inaugurated by the Royal Family in 2004. Principal consultant in the design of the Climatic Wind Tunnel for the Colorado School of Mines, which is the first climatic wind tunnel for the study of atmosphere/soil interaction. Collaborated with the AG Davenport Group, BLWTL, UWO for over 10 years. Coauthor in the determination of the wind response of numerous singular projects such as the 1624m span Storebaelt Bridge (Denmark), the 1500m span Tsing Lung Bridge (Hong Kong) and the Third Millenium Bridge (Expo 08, Zaragoza) in addition to numerous publications and technical presentations. From 2006 is official technological collaborator with the Desafio Español Americas Cup Challenge Team. Dr. Ing. Caminos (2008) with European mention through a collaboration program between UWO and UGR. From 2003 has been Professor of the Wind Engineering course at the ETS of Ing. Caminos (UGR). Responsible for the Wind Engineering Group at CEAMA, UGR, from its inception until 2010. That same year, founded Oritia & Boreas Wind Engineering.


Oritia & Boreas S.L. B18924175. OFICINAS: Calle Ojos del S alado 100, 18008 Granada, Spain. LABORATORIO: LACIAD, Avda. de la Serrezuela 14, 18130, Escúzar. Granada. España - info@oritiayboreas.com - Tlf. 958 10 94 94 - Fax 958 71 55 29

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