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2011/12/28   Oritia & Boreas recognized by Bancaja

Oritia & Boreas was awarded the XVII Edition of the Bancaja Young Entrepreneurs Award in the category of technology based companies. The annual program developed by the Obra Social arm of Bancaja promotes young entrepreneurial initiative, closed with 444 national project submissions, of which 120 initiatives pertained to the technology based category.

Premio Bancaja

2011/12/16   LEAS 2011 organized by Oritia & Boreas

Oritia & Boreas is organizing the 1st Edition of ‘Las Estructuras de la Arquitectura Singular’ where the invited speaker Enrique Goberna, Engineer for Santiago Calatrava, will discuss his experience in working with singular structures. The event will conclude with a roundtable discussion between Dr. Arch. Francisco del Corral, Dr. Eng. José Lavado and Dr. Eng. Alejandro Martínez.

LEAS 2011

2011/11/30   Oritia & Boreas receives national award from Sacyr Vallehermoso and Eduard Punset

Oritia & Boreas has received the national award for Technological and Environmental Innovation in the 2nd Edition of the Sacyr ‘Hacemos lo imposible’, in recognition for the extreme environmental wind simulator, S·A·V·E·. The honors, organized by the Sacyr Vallehermoso Group and judged by a panel presided by Eduard Punset, aim to stimulate technological and environmental investigation and education through innovation, promotion of public interest projects and the transfer of information across all fields. José María Terrés-Nícoli was presented the award by D. Manuel Manrique, Sacyr Vallehermoso President and Eduard Punset.

Premio Sacyr y ValleHermoso

2011/02/25   Strong winds put in danger the stability of lorries

Strong cross-winds of up to 140km/hr provoked the overturning of lorries in a short stretch of road along the AP-7 highway at Tarragona.

2010/09/24   Oritia & Boreas invited by AYESA as guest speaker at the technical workshop in Mexico

Oritia & Boreas participated in the 2nd edition of conferences celebrating ‘Structures for the Mexican Bicentenary of Independence and homage to the maestro of science, Enrique del Valle Calderón’, organized by the Structures Department at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico City (Mexico). José María Terrés-Nícoli was invited by our client AYESA to discuss the importance of boundary layer wind tunnel testing for the Bicentenary Towers constructed in Toluca. O&B completed the wind effects study for determining the structural design loads and loads for the façade anchoring elements.


Bicentenario Towers Toluca

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