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2015/03/19   Wind knocks down one of the fallas in Valencia

An experimental falla made out of carton tubes was knocked down by the wind gusts that hit the city. Despite the organizers moaning the issue did not come as a surprise. The day before the events wind movements where recorded and therefore the safety perimeter was broaden, which avoided personal damages due to the fall of the monument.

2015/03/17   Seminar by Javier Manterola

Javier Manterola, designer for the Cadiz bridge, has presented a seminar on the III Civil Engineering week that is taking place in Madrid. In his presentation entitled “El Puente de Cádiz”, Manterola focused on some of the most complex issues encountered and how technological advances played a fundamental role to overcome those. O&B has played a key role in the monitoring of both the lifting gantry and the impact of wind on operations. The Navarra born engineer highlighted the influence of wind in the design “it was a complex issue that has affected in the design of formal elements to minimize its impact on driving”.

2015/03/12   Carolina Ruiz announces her retirement from alpine ski

The Granada raised alpine ski racer, the only Spaniard to have won a downhill at the World Cup (Méribel, France, 2013), has announced her retirement from alpine ski. According to Carolina’s own words: “my career has been an irreplaceable vital experience”. Jose María Terrés-Nícoli, CEO at Oritia & Boreas had the pleasure to share with Carolina her wind-tunnel testing. From these lines we would like to acknowledge all the good she has brought to the Spanish Sport as well as wish her the very best in all her new endeavours.

2015/03/15   Oritia & Boreas published in Granada Hoy

Today, the local newspaper 'Granada Hoy’ reported the progress on our current and most important project. Time has passed quickly and what was once a vision, is much closer to becoming a reality. Please click on the link to read the complete article.

2015/03/09   Latest 3D technology applied to nativity scenes

José Ángel Oviedo is an artist of nativity scenes who has opted to use the latest 3D scanning and printing systems in his latest work. After sculpting by hand his original work in clay, the model is first digitally scanned by Ageo 3D Tech and then 3D printed by O&B. This approach allows José Ángel to replicate his work at different scales without any loss of quality.

2015/03/02   Oritia & Boreas welcomes Marina Hinojosa Lucena

Oritia & Boreas would like to welcome Marina to the office. Marina has joined the company thanks to the scholarship program ‘Beca para el desarrollo de proyectos I+D+i del programa Emple@Joven, funded by the Junta de Andalucia and the Universidad de Granada. Marina is a recent graduate from the UGR Civil Engineering school and she will be involved in our current I+D projects.  

2015/02/27   Wind turbine fails in 200km/hr winds

Today, the mayor of Pujorosa Mariano Sanjuan confirmed the collapse of a wind turbine tower in the Sierra del Tablado wind turbine park (Aragón). Preliminary reports suggest the failure occurred during a high wind storm with gusts of up to 270km/hr. The pending official investigation will confirm the cause.


2015/02/25   Oritia & Boreas wishes Fernando Alonso a speedy recovery

Immediately after the accident in curve 3 of the Montemeló circuit, speculations started as to the cause of the crash. “Not pilot error, not overload, not mechanical error, but the wind”, pronounced team McLaren. They continued with, “Our background checks indicate that the accident was caused by an unexpected gust of wind in this section of the circuit”. For our part, O&B wishes the rapid recovery of Fernando Alonso. 

2015/02/09   Oritia & Boreas appears in El Mundo newspaper 

Today, the national newspaper El Mundo published an interview with Oritia & Boreas. The article summarises different aspects on the past, present and future of the company. With these words, we invite everyone to read the full article here.

2015/01/16   Wind gusts of 140km/hr reported in Bizkaia

Intense winds crossed the province of Bizkaia keeping emergency services busy, felling a 70yr old tree and destroying three cars, while a retaining wall also collapsed onto two other cars. Although the material damage is significant, no personal injuries have been reported.

2015/01/14   O&B welcomes Damián Sánchez López

Oritia & Boreas is pleased to welcome Damián to the team, who joins us thanks to the Santander / Junta de Andalucia program ‘Professional Experiences’. Damiáns background in electronics will be a valuable addition to the team, while O&B will provide the opportunity for him to apply his training to research projects which compliment his studies.

2015/01/08   Boeing 777 makes atlantic crossing in record time

A British Airways Boeing 777 made the crossing from New York to London in a record time of 5hr 16min thanks to a strong polar tailwind, when a regular flight would normally take between 6 to 8 hours. The wind streams at the cruising altitude of 10km reached upwards of 350km/hr the past Thursday which allowed the BA plane to reach speeds of 1200km/hr compared to a normal cruising speed of 905km/hr. The speed of sound is 1234.8km/h.

2014/12/09   Extreme windstorm reported in Catalunya

Strong winds in the town of Terrassa caused the collapse of a brick retaining wall, killing two pedestrians. A third victim was reported in Tarragona when strong winds overturned a caravan while circulating on the highway. Wind speeds exceeding 140km/hr were reported during the day, generating over 1270 calls to the 112 emergency hotline.

2014/11/27   F1 tornado captured in Málaga

A category F1 tornado was witnessed in Málaga in the early hours this morning. With wind speeds reaching 140-180km/hr, the tornado caused minor damage to beach houses along the coastline, damage to the roof of a local service station, and various local stores.

2014/11/03   Installation of offshore meteorological mast. Inch Cape, Scotland

During the month of October, significant progress was made towards installing the second offshore meteorological mast for the EDP-Repsol joint venture, to be installed in the Inch Cape field, Scotland. The mast will be installed by Drace Infraestructuras, in which Oritia & Boreas is participating in the structural design for DNV certification. 

2014/09/25   Installation of offshore meteorological mast. Moray Firth, Scotland

The EDP-Repsol joint-venture have recently installed the meteorological mast in the Moray Firth offshore wind turbine field. The tower was installed by Drace Infaestructuras in which Oritia & Boreas participated in the structural design for DNV certification. To quote Dan Finch, the MOR project director, ‘marks an important step in the advance of the project’. O&B was involved in the design and erection procedure of the 85m tall metal tower, which relied on innovative installation techniques to decrease erection time and improve safety.

2014/05/24   Four children injured in Leganés

Four children between three and eight were injured while playing in an inflatable castle that was blown into the air during strong winds. Three of the children fell from the castle onto the roof of the neighboring commercial center, the third some twenty meters further away and the forth, which remained inside the castle, some 200m from the playground. Initial investigations suggest that the attraction was not properly anchored.

Oritia & Boreas collaborates with the National SBX Team in the Sierra Nevada

Oritia & Boreas were proud to collaborate with Lucas Eguibar y Laro Herrero, from the National Snowboardcross Team, (RFEDI) this week in Sierra Nevada. Both athletes performed a specific training program with the SKX Technological Platform, developed by O&B in partnership with CEIBIOTIC (UGR) and RFEDI. The instrumented platform measures reaction times and time histories of the forces exerted by the hands and legs of the athlete during the start maneuver, information relevant for optimizing the start technique.

2014/04/29  At least 30 persons died because of tornados in the USA

The tornado season could not have started worse. 30 deaths, hundreds of injured and heavy destructions of buildings are the result after three days during which dozens of tornados hit six states in the south of the USA.
What first seemed like a quiet start of the storm season has been destroyed after this baneful weekend.
Considering that the annual average of deaths caused by tornados in the USA is 60 people, we can imagine the dimension of what happened.

2014/04/27   More than 20 people injured because of wind gust

In Alicante, 23 people, most of them children, have been slightly injured when a strong wind gust lifted and entrained several inflatable installations set up at the occasion of an old timer meeting. The bouncing castles fell down on the people causing injuries of varying severity. Even if at first it was stated that there are some seriously injured persons, it turned out that nobody has been more than slightly injured.

2014/04/23  Greenland tour in wind sleigh

The Spanish engineers Manuel Olivera and Eusebio Beamonte, the polar researcher and designer of the sleigh Ramón Larramendi, the geologist and pilot in charge of the logistic coordination Juan Manuel Viu, the Dane Karin Moe Bojsen and the Greenlander Hugo Svensson are going to cross the frozen surface of Greenland on board of a sleigh only pulled by the wind. The expedition, that will take 45 days and span 5000 km, has the objective to prove the efficiency of the invention as a vehicle for scientific research. It is a completely clean alternative which has been developed starting from the traditional technology of the inuit peoples.

2014/03/14   Oritia and Boreas selected for InvierteLab forum

O&B has been selected from one hundred companies to participate in the First Investment Forum InvierteLab Andalucia. The forum, selects high performing companies related to Universities for submission to private investors. The forum will be held on March 25, 2014.


2014/01/07   Weekend of strong winds

The Christmas holiday weekend came with strong winds across most of the Iberian Peninsula. The pressure system effected the majority of the Spanish mainland, causing limited but widespread damage. The most significant occurred in Madrid, where strong winds overturned two large Christmas trees in the Cuesta Moyano and the Plaza de Colón. Elsewhere, in Linares (Jaén), high winds caused the collapse of a wall at the Linarejos Football Stadium. In Madrid, rescuers were called to 40 incidents while over 90 emergency calls were made in the province of Andalucia.

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