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In some cases, the wind loading on singular structures is difficult to quantify using traditional wind tunnel testing techniques. These complex structural forms require innovative experimental solutions in the evaluation of the wind loading and dynamic response for design. This requires a specialized knowledge of the technical limitations of the wind tunnel testing methodology and a profound understanding of the discipline fundamentals. Some examples of our experience in complex structures includes:

· Large span roofs
· Complex shaped buildings
· Stadiums
· Double skin façade elements
· Masts and towers

Our team works in collaboration with architects and engineers to optimize the design of singular structures to wind effects, reducing the risk of failure and providing potential cost savings in the construction process.

Key services

· Global structural loads, including the dynamic component in the form of equivalent static    loads and load combinations
· Pressure distribution in the design of facade elements
· Maximum accelerations for serviceability
· Aeroelastic phenomena
· Fatigue analysis of individual structural elements due to dynamic excitation

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